Coldliner Express Goes Big for Driver Appreciation Week

Here at Coldliner Express, we know that our drivers are crucial to our success, so we always go out of our way to show our appreciation. However, when Driver Appreciation Week rolled around, we knew we had to go big to show our drivers just how much we value them. Check out how Coldliner celebrated Driver Appreciation Week this year.

Lunch is on us

During Driver Appreciation Week, which was September 11th – 17th, we bought lunch for our drivers from various favorite restaurants. The drivers were thrilled! They enjoyed lunch from Roosters, Olive Garden, and Raising Cane’s, just to name a few. And wow…. the food was amazing!

Daily gift card drawing

Every day during the week, we gave out $50 gift cards to Texas Roadhouse and announced the winners on social media with cool video clips. If you missed the posts, check them out now on our Facebook page.

Coldliner Express swag

Who doesn’t like some swag, right? Our drivers loved the items that we gave away as part of Driver Appreciation Week, including tumblers and flashlights. And while it really can’t be called “swag,” we put out some really fantastic Coldliner Express cupcakes for everyone to enjoy as well! Surrounded by balloons and signs, our drivers knew how much we appreciate them each and every day.

We consider our drivers as part of our family, and we’re always looking for new people to join our team. We were honored to be able to shower our drivers with the attention they deserve and are already planning on more fun for next year’s Driver Appreciation Week!